Evening Easels

Level: Beginner to Advanced

March 8 - April 26, 2018


6:30 pm – 9:30 pm

8 weeks

Instructor: Eddie Nino

Instructor's website

Fee: $335

Price includes live model fee.

This class is designed for the beginner to advanced student. Its purpose is to give the student the basic building blocks needed to create unique, true to life drawings and paintings. Working primarily from a live model and still life set ups, students will be introduced to important concepts allowing them to draw and paint accurately without anxiety or confusion. A series of exercises, frequent mini-lectures, and subject/approach focused sessions will solidify the student’s inner voice and overall knowledge of art. Participants will be exposed to both traditional and modern concepts critical to a thorough understanding of the craft. The skills taught in this class will enhance the student’s confidence to express and create in their own personal style. For more information and to view student artwork please check us out at: Eveningeasels.com !!

Materials List
(A visor, baseball cap or hat should be used for both painting and drawing)

Drawing Material List 18x 24 White drawing paper pad ( Recommended: Strathmore drawing paper pad (regular or smooth surface)) Kneaded eraser and single edge blades Graphite Pencils: 4H, 2H, H, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B Sand paper pad or sand paper sheets from hardware store (150 to 220 grit) Medium vine charcoal box of 12 (good if you are painting as well)

Painting Material List A variety of acrylic or oil primed stretched linen canvases 2 closeable palette cups for medium and turps Paper towels (recommended: Viva or Bounty) Steel Brush Washer (See me before buying )

Odorless mineral spirits (avoid turpenoid natural)
Trowel shaped palette knife Brushes: A good selection of Filbert Bristle brushes (recommended brand: Stand or Linseed Oil Robert Simmons series 42)
Paints: Best choices are: Winsor & Newton (WN) or Gamblin (GB) Cremnitz White or Flake White no substitutes Yellows: Cadmium Yellow Lemon (WN or GB) Oranges: Winsor Yellow Deep (WN), Cadmium Orange (WN) Reds: Napthol Red (WN), Alizarian Crimson Permanent Violets: Dioxazine Violet, Earths: Raw Sienna, Raw Umber, Burnt Sienna Greens: Terra Verte, Viridian Blues: Cerulian (WN), Ultramarine Blue Black: Ivory Black

Questions: Eddiecnino1@gmail.com
Website: eveningeasels.com

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