Artist Submission Requirements

• All two dimensional work must be dry and framed, with the following exception: Canvases. Such canvases must have a minimum edge of 1.25”, must be dry and have clean edges and no visible staples. (Referred as Museum Edge”)
• All framed artwork must be ready to hang, USING BRAIDED PICTURE WIRE ONLY, NO EXCEPTIONS. Two dimensional art may not exceed 40” in height or length, including frame.
• Wood or metal panels or mounted artwork with a minimum width of .75” may be unframed, ready to hang. USING BRAIDED PICTURE WIRE ONLY, NO EXCEPTIONS.
• No saw tooth hangers.
• For plexi-mounted art, secure picture hangers attached to the back frame structure are acceptable.
• Work must be original, completed within last three years and not exhibited at RAC before. No Giclees, other than for photography.
• No renderings or copies of other Artists work. No photographs of the artwork of others unless additional elements are included.
• Three dimensional art may not exceed 3’ x 3’. The artist must provide an appropriate base and be available to assist with the installation.
• Work applied to an unusual surface (such as hand-made paper) or collaged elements that are combined to create a substrate will be considered to be within the category of the medium applied to the surface without regard to the surface itself. For instance, watercolor applied to hand- made paper shall be considered Watercolor, not Mixed Media.
RAC Policies:
• RAC will collect a commission of 30% on all sales.
• Photographs of artwork may be used for publicity for the exhibitions. Please take a photo of your work, before it is under glass, to ensure that the photo does justice to your work. It is extremely hard to take good photos of work in gallery conditions, particularly when it is under glass.
You retain all rights to your work.
• Chairperson’s discretion: the chairperson may refuse any entry on the grounds or poor condition, oversize, unsuitability: damaged frame, etc. or the subject matter is not in compliance with the exhibition topic.
• Sales: Exhibits allowing one work per artist: the work must be for sale. Exhibits allowing two works per artist: at least one one work must be for sale, the other may be NFS. Juried exhibits: If two entries are selected by the juror, one may be NFS.
• Liability: Entries will be handled with all possible care, but artists submitting work agree to hold harmless the Rowayton Arts Center, their agents and employees from any claim of damage or theft that might arise from any cause whatsoever. Artists should arrange for proper insurance coverage for their work. Entry to the show constitutes agreement with all of the conditions stated above.
• Waiver for Pictures Taken/Used: We document each RAC exhibition/show with photographs. Entry into an exhibition/show at the Rowayton Arts Center constitutes permission to photograph you and/or your artwork, and to use an image of your artwork in promotional materials for the exhibition and for the Rowayton Arts Center.
If you have any questions, please call the Rowayton Arts Center (203) 866-2744 for clarification in advance.