Junior Members

The Junior Membership Program is available to students between 12 and 17 years of age. All Junior Members pay a fee of $10 in the beginning of the membership year (September to June) and complete at least 10 hours of volunteering services for the Rowayton Arts Center. RAC will be happy to provide certificates to all members who have volunteered to show proof of the volunteer work that has been done. This can be used on job resumes, college applications, etc.

Junior Members enjoy a variety of different privileges, including being able to use the RAC studio during scheduled times, using materials paid for by the program, field trips, artist talks, an art show/reception and more!

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Junior Member Calendar

Junior Member Show Prospectus
Junior Member Show: Portside Gallery until June 25

Junior Members 2016-2017

Lucy Armstrong ~ Noel Brito ~ Jadira Corona ~ Leo Gonzalez ~Karen Gonzalez ~ Valeria Gonzalez ~  Amanda Graham ~Melissa Morelli ~ Liv Mulligan ~ Graham Murtha ~ Emily Pollard ~ Juliet Royster ~ Lilah Smith ~ Lucceza St. Denis ~ Sabrina Thrill ~ Tommy Wood

  • Junior members reception

Leo Gonzalez, Junior Member Chairman

Roses by Leo Gonzalez

Lucy Armstrong, Junior Member in Focus Under Forty

Christo’s Floating Piers by Lilah Smith

Glimpse by Lucy Armstrong

Tulips by Emily Pollard

Giraffe by Jadira Corona

Feather by Liv Mulligan