“My paintings are an expression of my intimate relationship with the environment. I evoke a sense of space by feeling and observation and my paintings operate between figurative and abstract.

I am inspired by the natural world and by the process of painting. During my travels and vistas, I record my experiences and impressions with drawings and quick sketches in a notebook I carry wherever I go. Usually it would be simple pleasures that I find interesting and majestic.

I begin working with multiple quick sketches on paper to compose a painting. On a blank canvas, I paint loosely and intuitively blocking off patches of color and using gestural marks. Over a period of time, I build up layers of paint and color, and (sometimes) scrape back to re-discover something done before. I keep my work fresh and dynamic by blending the images into each other, evoking an atmospheric feel. This process is  both intentional and experimental.”

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