(Untitled Etching by John Harris BIS 2017)
Congratulations to the Award Winners

Laure Dunne, Kendall Klingbeil, Heide Follin, Dana Laird, Judy Katz, Rick Pank, Antoinette Vardamis,Maria Friscia, Mark Ferguson,Susan Leggitt, Jo Ann Davidson

Acrylics: 1st Place: Maria Friscia (Greenwich) “Summer Breeze”
2nd Place: Kim Romero (Southport) “Beachside”
3rd Place: Lois Weingarten (City Island, NY) “Rollin’ Home”
Honorable Mention: Heide Follin (Norwalk) “Mill Pond”
Honorable Mention: Lisa Thoren (Darien) “Maine Morning”
Mixed Media, Prints, Drawings and Pastels
1st Place: Ginger Jespersen (Weston) “Beach Walk”
2nd Place: Bevi Bullwinkel (Fairfield) “Transcience 14”
3rd Place: Amy Schott (Wilton) “Harbor Terns”
Honorable Mention: Heidi Lewis Coleman (Stamford) “Kokomo”
Honorable Mention: Ann Marie Tetelman (South Salem, NY) “Hidden Fish with Shells”
Oils: 1st Place: Susan Leggitt (Norwalk) “Take Me Home”
2nd Place: Lori Lohstetter (Norwalk) “CS1 Marsh”
3rd Place: Kendall Klingbeil (Pound Ridge) “Not Forgotten”
Honorable Mention: Peter Jerry (Ardsley, NY) “Howth, Ireland”
Photography: 1st Place: Mark Ferguson (Norwalk) “Sunrise”
2nd Place: Dana Laird (Rowayton) “Waiting”
3rd Place: Richard Ventre (Norwalk) “Mary Lois/After Anders Zorn’s Morganbad” Honorable Mention: Robert Sachs (Norwalk) “Bathing in the Ganges”
Honorable Mention: Laure Dunne (Norwalk) “Frosty Sea Shells” Honorable Mention: Rick Pank (Rowayton) “Customs House 1756” Honorable Mention: Gennadly Goldenshteyn (Manchester, CT) “Shipwreck, Aran Islands”
Watercolor: 1st Place: Judith Orseck Katz (Westport) “Sailboats on the Sound”
2nd Place: Jo Ann Davidson (Westport) “Norwalk River, Fall”
3rd Place: Antoinette Vardamis (New Canaan) “Along the Charles”