Level: All

March 5 - April 23, 2018



8 weeks

Instructor: Anda Styler

Instructor's website

Fee: $255

The focus of this class will be in understanding the relationship between values and light and the effects they have on the palette of your painting. Much emphasis will be placed on fine tuning the student’s observational skills and their ability to decide what scenes/objects make for interesting painting compositions.  Anda begins most classes with a demonstration teaching students about color mixing, values, composition and brush strokes.  This class is open to acrylic and oil painters.

Supply List:

BRUSHES: Any of these in sizes from small to large. DICK BLICK brand angle brushes are great.

  • Soft water color-types of brushes rounds or flats size 24,8,10 etc.
  • Riggers ( script brushes ) – fine for details 00,3,6,7, etc.
  • Angle brushes 1/4”, 1/2”, 3/4, 1” ( these brushes are wonderful for painting buildings, fields, water and details in buildings Large soft flat brush – for working large areas

BASIC PAINT LIST: GOLDENS acrylic paints are best I have ever used and I recommend them. I have listed their colors below and they are available from ASW 1 800-995-6778 Art Supply Warehouse). Windsor Newton Finity colors are good and are available at ASW or select a STUDENT BRAND. If this is your FIRST time painting in acrylics you can buy a beginners set of acrylics for a reasonable price – this has 8-12 basic and you can add to that.

  • GOLDENS Acrylics Large tube of Titanium White ( 4.65 oz etc.)
  • Burnt Umber – regular size ( 2 oz )
  • Ultra marine Blue – regular size ( 2 oz )
  • Yellow Oxide regular size ( 2 oz )
  • Dairyliade yellow Crimson Quinacridone – regular size ( 2 oz )
  • Paynes Grey – regular size ( 2 oz )
  • Burnt Sienna – regular size ( 2 oz )
  • Raw Umber – regular size ( 2 oz )
  • Cad Red Light regular size ( 2 oz )
  • Doxazine Purple – regular size ( 2 oz )
  • Cad Red Medium – regular size ( 2 oz )
  • Hooker Green “ “ Sap Green “
  • “ Van Dyke Brown “
  • “ Neutral Grey 3 Optional
  • Neutral Grey 4 Optional
  • Colbalt Turquois & Cerulian Blue & Thalo Blue (green Shade)



  • Canvas board Okay – Avoid it if you can
  • PORTRAIT SMOOTH or LINEN is the best and comes pre-stretched
  • COTTON DUCK with 2 to 3 coats gesso and sanded.
  • PAPER is not recommended
  • SIZE: It is up to you, but if it is your first time 16 X 20, 18 X 24 is good to start. If you stretch your own pick any size you are comfortable with


PALLET-STA-WET PREMIER PALLET FROM MASTERSONS is the best I have ever used. It keep the acrylic paints wet and workable for hours without drying – this is an incredible breakthrough in using acrylics. It is a tray with a thin wet sponge that fits inside with a very strong paper that fits over the sponge and lasts about 2-3 days. It also has a snap on lid. Available at ASW ! 800-995-6778. 12 X 16 pallet is $16.95& paper to fit is $8.77 (40 sheets). or call MastersonsArt Products 602-263-6017. The whole tray costs about $23 . THIS IS A MUST FOR ON LOCATION PAINTING!!!

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