Prospectus: Photography and Sculpture 2018
Exhibit dates: September 2 – September 22 
Opening reception: Sunday, 9 (4-6pm) (Delayed opening due to holiday)

Entry Procedures and Submission Guidelines
Chair: Lisa Laible   Co-Chair: TBD   Judge: Joan Fitzsimmons

Who: Rowayton Arts Center Exhibiting Members
What: Photography & Sculpture
Theme: Open
How many submissions: Two works per Artist (May be 1 photo and 1 sculpture or 2 of each)
Fees: $20/1; $35/2 Cash or check no credit cards. Fees waived for Art Angels.

Receiving Dates: Monday, August 27 (4pm-7pm) and Tuesday, August 28 (11am-2pm)
Pick up: Monday, September 24 (4pm – 7pm) and Tuesday, September 25 (11am – 2pm)

Storage space is extremely limited and not ideal.Please pick up on time. Thank you.