The winners, from “Abstraction”–RAC’s spring exhibition, were following artists:

Best in Show: Oil, Bruce Horan, “Departure,” Oil: 1st place: Michael Brennecke, “New Marlboro,” 2nd: Katharine Draper, “City Reflections,” 3rd: L. Richard Koleszar, “Revelation,” Honorable Mention: Julliette Tehrani, “Interlude.” Acrylic: 1st place: Heide Follin, “Blazing Leaves,” 2nd: Pamela Davis, “Soft Landing”,” 3rd: Yuko Ike, “Inflamed,” Honorable Mention: Melissa Orme, “Manifestation” Mixed Media/Drawing: 1st place: Amy Schott, “Downtown Detroit,” 2nd:  Carolyn Lyngholm, “Graffiti Cosmos,” 3rd: Heidi Lewis Coleman, “Terra Assemblages II,” Honorable Mention: Amy Schott, “Twisted # 3,” Watercolor: 1st place: Barbara Seith, “Beach,” Photography: 1st place: Sandy Gennrich, “Architectural Abstracts” 2nd: Marilyn Parker, “Pipes of Color,” 3rd: Barbara Murphy, “Huyghe’s Folly,” Honorable Mention: Sandy Gennrich, “Angles and Lines,”  Monoprint: 1st place: Mindy Green, “Babbling Chaos,” Sculpture: 1st place: Ginny Awn, untitled.

The show, chaired by Maria Friscia and co-chaired by Linda Admission is free.

RAC has been a cultural hub for almost 60 years. The RAC Art School offers year-round classes and workshops for creative people of all ages RAC, a not-for-profit organization, underwrites art education programs in Norwalk.