Gallery/Studio Rentals

The Rowayton Arts Center provides its gallery and studio to local nonprofit organizations as part of its mission of service. The policy for the use of the facility is established by the RAC Board of Directors and is subject to change any time.  Please contact the RAC office at 203-866-2744 if you would like to rent all or part of our facility.


  • RAC classes, workshops, programs and exhibitions have priority in the use of the facility.
  • The facility is available to nonprofit, noncommercial organizations. The facility is not available to individuals, except RAC Board Members, for non-personal use, or for profit entities.
  • Use shall be for civic, cultural or educational purposes.
  • The responsible party shall have signed the rental/usage application and agree to its provisions at least 24 hours before prior to usage.
  • Organizations must provide supervision with an adult present at all times in the room. The supervising adult must accept responsibility for the repair or replacement of damaged art, facilities or equipment.
  • The Rowayton Arts Center shall not be held liable for any injury sustained or damage related to the use of equipment and/or facilities. The supervising adult is responsible for making attendees aware of this policy.
  • Usage that may disturb regular RAC functions or classes are not permitted.


  • Hours of scheduling shall include the setup, breakdown and cleanup time needed.
  • Unless waived by the director or representative, reservations must be made at least one (1) week prior to usage. Reservations may be made by telephone or email and a responsible adult form the organization should complete the rental / usage application not less than 24 hours prior to the usage.
  • The organizations room setup needs shall be stated at the time of the application. RAC will determine if its staff or the organization will be responsible for room setup /breakdown.
  • RAC, with prior notification, can provide a projector, projector table, large pull down screen, DVD player and small speakers. The running of the equipment is the responsibility of the organization. The provision of other equipment shall also be the responsibility of the organization.
  • RAC reserves the right to withdraw previously granted permission for room usage at the discretion of the RAC Board or RAC Executive Director.

General Regulations

  • Organizations may only advertise RAC’s name and address to indicate time and place of the program. Organizations may not use advertising and / or publicity which implies that the program is sponsored by RAC.
  • Organizations may not charge admission for the program. Non-commercial, non – profit organizations may charge fees for learning materials or food service not used as a fundraiser.
  • The organization is responsible for bringing their own supplies for food service (cups, napkins, etc.) and must remove everything.


  • $40 per hour.
  • RAC reserves the right to make changes to the fee amount.