"Fleeting Moments" by Heide Follin

“I feel it’s important to listen to my emotions as they influence my choice of color, and not be bound by what the eye actually sees.There is joy in vibrant clean colors put down in an inventive way. A variety of mark making is essential – spontaneous brush work, free-form drawing, lyrical Japanese brush strokes, scraping, scratching, dripping, precise areas for contrast, and even sanding.

My subject matter is inspired by nature, sometimes faraway landscape but more often a closer look at natural objects. I start by flowing the paint on in a translucent way, following my intuition to FEEL the emotional and directional energy. I work in many layers to express my interpretation of that core essence and let the paint tell me how to uniquely express it.

Putting down shapes and strokes with semitransparent paints and their respective mediums, I build up my painting surface. Flat shapes next to glossy areas, textures, the use of shiny mediums that puddle, heavy paint areas, some thin and drippy that really change the paint character add expression– all layered and entwined together. Leaving underlying translucent areas free to breathe in a finished painting is an aspect that I always try to maintain. Many of my pieces venture into abstract and expressionistic areas while suggesting subject matter in a loose and happy way.”

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