Sat & Sun

Sep 30 - Oct 1

9:30 am - 4:00 pm

Lenny Moskowitz

Fee: $205

In this workshop I foster a supportive and open environment, which allows students to develop new ideas through exploration and a willingness to be playful.  We will be working from landscape sources, such as photos, reproductions and/or your own landscapes. We will be exploring simple processes for transforming and developing compositions from a landscape source. Some approaches covered in the workshop involve working with collage and mixed media as well as paint (your choice of acrylic, oil, or watercolor) and drawing materials. In addition, we’ll cover the basics of color theory, composition, and how to use values to manipulate space and create depth.  This workshop is available to students at all levels because it is tailored to each individual participant.  The only prerequisite is to come to class with a curiosity and willingness to experiment. This workshop will be particularly helpful to individuals who are looking to develop a method of bringing new ideas, materials, and ways of working into their current work.

Materials I’d like you to bring: Bring printed photographs or reproductions of landscapes you would like to work from. Scissors, glue, pencils, sketchpad, old magazines (preferably magazines that are colorful, like fashion, home and garden, etc.), paint (your choice, acrylic or watercolor), a couple of brushes, a palette to mix paint on, painting surfaces (such as canvas boards, a stretch canvas, or paper), a water jar. If you’re using acrylics it’s nice to have a medium, which is clear acrylic paint with no pigment in it. This comes in gloss or matte. I prefer the matte because the paint is matte. A spray bottle for water you can use to keep your palette from drying out. I also bring materials as well so don’t worry if you don’t have something. You will be able to use mine. A small group of landscape reproductions, photographs, or anything you can print at home. Some can be in black and white, some can be in color. It’s just for me to see some of the ideas you’ve been working on. Additionally, please consider bringing in any of your recent works, including sketchbooks. This is optional.

About Lenny:

Lenny Moskowitz is a Connecticut landscape painter who lives in New Haven with his wife. He graduated with his B.F.A from the Philadelphia College of Art and received his M.F.A. from Michigan’s Cranbrook Academy. Lenny has participated in both group and solo shows at numerous galleries throughout the U.S. and has taught classes and workshops in Connecticut, Block Island, and Nantucket. Presently he teaches at Quinnipiac University and the Guilford Art Center.  He has been awarded several artist residencies, including at the Anderson Center in Minnesota and at the NISDA Foundation on Nantucket, MA. In the summer of 2011 he was awarded a residency at Weir Farm in Wilton, CT.  He makes yearly painting trips to Maine, Nantucket, and frequently sojourns to the surrounding Connecticut woods to paint.