Saturday and Sunday

Mar 17 - Mar 18

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Lenny Moskowitz

Fee: $275 (includes model fees)

This is a weekend workshop devoted to the figure – taking it apart and re-assembling it. The major prerequisite for this workshop is a playful attitude. It’s nice to have had some figure drawing experience, but it is not a requirement. The major requirement is to come with a playful and experimental attitude. For 2 hours each morning we will be working from the model, making many sketches and drawings. In the afternoons we will be working from our sketches and studies to produce larger paintings. Some of the techniques we will be using are collage, smeared overdrawn studies, figure cropping, and radical simplification. There will also be a brief, 1-hour lesson devoted to color and the use of a limited palette.

Materials I’d like you to bring:  Large drawing paper, Scissors, glue, pencils, sketchpad, old magazines (preferably magazines that are colorful, like fashion, home and garden, etc.), paint (your choice, acrylic or watercolor), a couple of brushes, a palette to mix paint on, painting surfaces (such as canvas boards, a stretch canvas, or paper), a water jar. If you’re using acrylics it’s nice to have a medium, which is clear acrylic paint with no pigment in it. This comes in gloss or matte. I prefer the matte because the paint is matte. A spray bottle for water you can use to keep your palette from drying out. I also bring materials as well so don’t worry if you don’t have something. You will be able to use mine.

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